P1 JETCROSS Series is a spectacular event that is worth to be seen live and by as many medias as possible. JETCROSS™ will support the production live TV coverage and provide international TV distribution through worldwide sales network TV Medias partners that have the abilities to deliver news and highlight shows.

We pay special attention to this aspect as it one of the keys to the success of our Championship.

Race course media coverage :


Web TV and international coverage with MOTORS TV channels :

Media report 2015 :
250 TV hours and 68 covered countries




68 covered countries

250 TV hours

44 official videos

390 000 total views

3,500,000 € tv broadcasting

Internet and live streaming

Official website with more than 250 visitors each day :

Social media Facebook, Twitter

Web tv channel

Multi-format poster campaign in host cities

Street marketing during the event

Ride with World champions : an unique experience for you how to ride jetski with the BEST riders of the planet


Web and press magazine :

JETCROSS TOUR WORLD Series employs an experienced media team focused on developing content and distributing news internationally, whether printed or photos. We work closely with world-class sports photographers and the images are distributed through international photo agencies. We have a strong partnership with different international media.

In particular with PRORIDER MAGAZINE. the first digital jetski magazine.

In Japan Hotwater Magazine, and all around the world : Australia (, USA & Canada (Prorider Magazine, Watercraft Journal, Wetracer), Switzerland, France and Benelux (Jetpulsion Magazine)….

Jetcross World Tour Series’s websites friendly :



Extensive Media & TV Coverage

In developing the Jetcross Word Tour Series, a great deal of experience has been gained in maximizing the media coverage of each round. The targeted distribution of both text and photos has broadened the awareness of our sport as never before. Our photos library contains over 5,000 pictures.

The Media programme in place incorporates five strands covering the following :

Press Media Releases :  In addition to local press coverage for each round 2 or 3 press releases are circulated by our media service to contacts in 67 countries.

TV News Distribution : Immediately after each round a news feed x 2 minutes 30 seconds is distributed to more than 500 TV stations around the world.

TV Magazine : For each Round a 24 minutes Tv show is produced and distributed worldwide with selected broadcasters.

Host broadcasters : Each stop is covered by a local TV host Broadcaster to maximize visibility in the host country.

Web Live broadband :  The Jetcross World Tour Series team offer web live coverage which includes a branded virtual studio with advertising and promotion options on site.


Vimeo and Youtube channels : The special Jetcross World Tour Series YouTube & Vimeo Channels deliver edited clips of the highlights of each round at : &

Facebook :  The Jetcross World Tour Facebook page provides ongoing updates on all Jetcross® events throughout the year.

Jetcross official Website : The Jetcross World Tour Series provides an ongoing commentary and news of all Jetcross® Stops together with Video clips of the highlights


Press-book and communication documents :

Series sponsorship opportunities are available for suitable brand matches. JX Sports offers an exciting, fast moving adrenaline-filled sporting and entertainment platform for you to promote your brand.

We can offer you a verified global TV audience reach of over 800 million households, access to a worldwide fan base, opportunities for hospitality, title rights to the TV shows and product promotions. The possibilities are endless. To find out more please talk to our commercial team, and we could send you our presentation pdf file.