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10 sec with Kevin Reiterer

Interview of the young Austrian and factory SDC TRAK pilot
Jetcross staff interviews multi-time winner of the IJSBA World Finals and 2014 Jetcross winner and World Finals, Kevin Reiterer, from Austria, on the upcoming Freegun Jet Cross World Cup.  The young austrian, is a very competitive racer and a very smart team manager as well, owner of his team Kev Racing who help young riders to catch some title in different championship !

Team Kev Racing won the Team Challenge in 2014, with Jonna Borgstrom – SWE, Daniel Svae Andersen – NOR and Kevin Reiterer – AUT pilot and team manager

JX: Why did you make the decision to come and race at the Jetcross World Cup?
It always had the best reputation in our sport and as I started racing it two years ago, I experienced myself that this is without a doubt the best quality racing.
JX: What is your goal for the race? Get through all the motos healthy and do the best I can to win the title.

Kevin Reitierer, current champion of the 2014 Freegun Jetcross Tour

JX: It will be your third times at the Jetcross, what do you think series ? Great competitors, wonderful tracks and a real racing show for the public.
JX: Who are you most looking forward to competing against?
Jeremy Poret and Chris MacClugage.
JX: Do you have an idea fort the future of Ski stand-up and sport management? It has the action, adrenaline, engine hauls and excitement to become something real big.
JX: What do you think of the idea of a Jetcross tour with four stops around the world? Would you attend? Yes I would. I am looking forward to the day with a 19 races championship traveling around the globe, racing against the best riders.

JX: Have you get the new TRAK903 turbo for the Freegun Jetcross World Cup ? I have it in the back of my tricks. The stock Model works fantastic such as the GP, but we don’t want to risk anything till we have a perfect setup and enough hours on it to make sure we can show what we have at the races.

JX: Is there anything else you would like to add? I want to thank my sponsors, supporters, friends and family standing behind me and supporting my racing career to help me do what I love.
Jetcross staff looks forward to having Kevin Reiterer  in attendance at the Freegun Jetcross World Cup and seeing the new SDC Trak903 Turbo in action as Reiterer battles against some of the best pilots in the world.

Team Kev Racing is one of the most professional jetski team in the planet

Words: JX Sports Photos: ©Charlotte Barret – ©JX Sports